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Looking to make a statement with interior murals? Look no further!

We specialise in creating unique spaces that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

With the use of high quality Resene paint, we can create colorfully captivating murals that will transform your space into a work of art.

Two Pens on Notebook


Topic choice and wishes.

The first steps are picking a topic that you like. You don't need to know exactly what you want, that is where I come in.

What are your wishes? Do you want the wall to be completely filled or an eye catcher on the wall? I'll ask you a few more questions to make a suiting plan for you.



Raw Sketch

Once a plan of design, style and measurements has been created, I can make a raw sketch. And by raw I mean raw. Just to give you an idea of my design and we can make adjustments really easily if needed.

Sketching in Tablet


Official design.

Now I'll make an 'offical' design in procreate. with all the information from the steps before. even though it's an offical design, it still might be slightly different on the wall because I don't use a projector and hand draw everything. Exciting!



Mural time.

Time to pick a date that will suit both of us and get the design on the wall. 


- Prices are based on the design and day rate

- The wall need to be ready to get painted

- I do charge a sketch rate

- Prices don't include travel costs

- Prices do include paint materials*

- I don't draw portraits of people


* regular interior Resene colours


+64 021 207 86 96 /


Lake Hawea

Thanks for submitting!

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