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You do you

I was always interested in art because my family always made a lot of artwork or are very creative in other fields of work. And yes I went to design school where we learned a lot about art and design. What I figured out fast is that everyone is different and learns differently. But I think everyone is the same when t come to putting your mind to it. You can do anything when you want it. It sounds cliche but it is so true.

You might take a different road then another person but you will get there regardless.

I love to follow artists on social media, see their beautiful art and learn from them. Most of you will know that I use mostly black and white drawings/murals, so working with color is not my jam. At least that was what I thought... I don’t have that skill so I probably suck at it.

When a fellow artist starts an online live session on instagram and they encourage you to draw along, just do it! So i did.. I was sketching and doodling on my iPad in procreate and was following her lead. (Loveeeeee procreate! If you don’t have it already, you should get it!)

Using all the brushes I normally don’t use and using color!!! COLOR wauw.

It turned out better then I was expecting. So this week I just used a couple of my friends to practice.

(See photo) I was blown away of what you can actually do when you set your mind to it. It isn’t perfect but does it need to be? No it doesn’t. Sometimes you just need to let perfection go, love the little mistakes that make it into an art piece.

I know I’ve been telling you this every time, I can‘t say it enough. Have the courage to just do it!

SO my next challenge is maybe to go live too? What do you think?

The thing is, everyone IS the same, we all struggle, we are all imperfect, we all started from scratch. You just do you.

Juliana and Hannah from Surfschool Whangamata in their office.

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