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New country, new home

In January 2019 I packed my bags in the Netherlands and flew to the other side of the world to see if I can make it work in New Zealand. Everybody knows that it's gorgeous over here but can I really make this place my new home... I've been traveling from my twenties and loved every bit of it but moving across the globe is a different story. I had my own little Birdy business in Holland, all my friends and family are here, what am I doing??? I thought I can always go back, let's take a risk and see where it takes me.

I couldn't stay for longer than 90 days in Kiwiland because when you're over 30 you're 'kinda to old' for a holiday work visa, which would allow me to stay and work in the country for a year. Too old... ha. All and all it took me a little less than a year to get a work partnership visa, yep a year....., best xmas present ever though. One year off work and just doing what ever you want is amazing of course but when the house is clean, its clean, know what I mean?! I really wanted to get back into work mode.

So I (re)started my Birdy business again in January 2020 but in a totally different country, which makes it very interesting, I have no idea about pricing/taxes/rules etc in NZ. Let the research begin...

I decided to start working part-time at the local coffee bar in Whangamata too, where my partner and I live now, so I can start earning some money again straight away. The best thing about working at the cafe is that you meet a lot of locals that come in daily to get their shot of caffeine and have a chat, which made Birdy grow really fast. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising! Right?! And as of today I am a full-time artist after just 7 months of having a work permit! Writing that down excites me a little! I just can't believe it.

In the Netherlands I did more styling and decorating and I wanted to do more art, if I got the opportunity. Art is really big here and I love that! I feel like this epic spot in the world is small in their residents but big in a lot of other areas. Let's keep it that way and make this work. Can't wait to do some more art and get you guys into drawing too.

Talk soon


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